Fine Art Oil

Darrell Thomas graduated from Utah State University with a degree in illustration.  He worked for twenty years as an illustrator/graphic designer before turning to a successful career fine art.



Fine Art Oil

Received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Utah. Ken began his career as a professional painter in 1969. He initially painted scenes of Salt Lake City’s historic architecture. He then expanded to “plein aire” painting in Utah’s outdoor environments. Both highly accomplished and prolific, Ken has become one of Utah’s landscape painters. Ken Baxter currently resides in Spring City.



Plein air and studio artist

John Hughes is a plein air and studio artist with over 35 years' experience. He teaches workshops and classes through the Scottsdale Artist's School, as well as Salt Lake Community College and other venues. He has written numerous articles on painting for Fibonacci Fine Arts Digest, 15 Bytes and Outdoor Painter. He has had feature articles in national as well as international art magazines such as Plein Air Magazine, Fibonacci Fine Arts Digest, 15 Bytes and Pratique Des Arts. His galleries include Mountain Trails Gallery, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Montgomery Lee Fine Art, in Park City, Utah. John is a member of the Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters, Plein Air Painters of Utah and the American Impressionist Society.



Watercolor Artist

Born in Farnborough, Kent, England, Ian Ramsay was raised in British Canada. Both he and his twin brother, Andrew, came to Utah and became architects. Ian, however, preferred fine art and obtained an art degree from the University of Utah. In 1979 he gave up architecture to become a full-time watercolor painter. Mostly self-taught, he became a skillful and popular painter of seascapes, English scenes and, more recently, landscapes of urban and rural Utah. His work is exhibited in the U.S., Great Britain and Japan. Widely traveled, Ramsay’s influence has spread through his workshops, private teaching and gallery exhibits.



Oil and Watercolor Artist

Susan Gallacher
After studying art at the University of Utah, Gallacher taught art for the Jordan and Granite School Districts. She established the Kings Cottage Gallery and Art School in 1984 and also taught in the U of U’s Continuing Education Program. Gallacher also maintains a studio and teaches classes in Spring City.
A prolific artist, Gallacher originally excelled in watercolors before moving to realistic, plein air landscape, still life and figure paintings in oil. She says of her work, “When I paint, the weather, light, fragrance in the air, my mood, all add to the spirit of the day and the essence of the painting experience.”

S Gallacher, grazing sheepi.jpeg


Oil and Watercolor Artist

A native of Salt Lake City, Kathy began her career as a landscape painter when Mary Kimball Johnson, her art teacher at Lincoln Junior High, gave her an expensive watercolor brush as a graduation present. 

She enjoys painting nature, where she experiences a deep spirituality. She told Salt Lake magazine that she believes the key to landscape painting is to be aware of nature. "There's so much to see, yet few people take the time to look, much less to visualize. The spirit of the land doesn't reveal itself to those unwilling to give themselves to it."

 Her creative landscape extends to the human landscape and includes the state of mind that infuses her paintings—carefully observing how we connect and relate.

K Wilson, winter marsh.jpeg